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May 18th Despicable Heroes release party. Headlining for the evening is Heart in Hand!


On May 18th our friends in the band Despicable Heroes will release their debute studio album and they have been so nice to include us in their schedule. Not only do we get to open for them but we will also be playing with the wellknown band Heart in Hand. We're so stoked to share the stage with these guys.


Official Poster for oct. 31st..Don't miss it! 

BIG NEWS: we're verry excited to let you know that we will be opening for the Solid State Records-band Inhale Exhale op oct. 31 in Stedsj, Barneveld. Together with Despicable Heroes we have been selected to warm up the crowd. We won't let you down. We'll keep you updated as soon as there's more to tell.


Short Notice Update: Tonight we are playing a show in Cafe 545 in Ede. For more information please click here to see our facebookpage.


We have a new show coming up. It's in 'Peptalk' in Ede. For more information just click 'here'. You should come party with us, we would really like that. And no damage done 'cause the entrance is only $2!


We put our EP on the facebookbandpage and you can download it for free. So make sure to check us out and download our music. If you like it share it with your friends. It's also possible to support our music by donating. What ever you do, we are thankful for it.


Killing Goliath - All I Need (studio teaser)

Proud to present you some studio footage! Enjoy:

tour dates

Killing Goliath @ Stédsj 18 May
Release party Despicable Heroes INFO »
cafe 545 13 October
together with Despicable Heroes, Cult Elifex, Ashes of Many INFO »
Inhale Exhale 31 October
Killing Goliath and Despicable Heroes will be opening for Inhale Exhale INFO »